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by Alafair Burke
Harper, March 2010
368 pages
ISBN: 0061561223

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Ellie Hatcher is a New York City police detective who has gone through some turmoil in her last few cases, but is not ready to give up. Some of her colleagues believe that she is not ready to be a detective, as she hasn't spent enough years on the force. This does not deter her. She earned her position the hard way and she needs to prove time and time again that she is worthy. She will do what it takes to close a case and not stop until she has finished it. In this latest novel, she is taken off a four-month-old case involving the death of real-estate magnate Samuel Sparks's bodyguard inside Sparks's Greenwich Village penthouse. He believes that his bodyguard was the actual target and not himself, and he is doing everything in his power to impede the investigation. The only clue they have is a 911 call of a woman believed to have been inside the apartment at the time of the murder. She is yet to be identified and the case keeps getting colder.

It is not until Hatcher is investigating a second murder that she gets a new lead into her first case, one that several people do not want her to solve. She needs to show no weakness, even when she is feeling vulnerable, she has a need to persevere forcing her to take unnecessary risks in doing her job and putting the people she loves in danger. Still, she is a force to be reckoned with and manages to keep the suspense taut within the story.

Alafair Burke's latest novel presents an interesting concept even though the plot reads like an episode of LAW & ORDER, where things are not as they seem and where there is always some kind of twist.

While the story may appear to be weak at some points, the same cannot be said for the character development. Hatcher appears fully developed thanks to what we see of her interactions with her friends, families, and colleagues as well as with the story. 212 will get your attention and it will entertain you. The book is a light read, but worth the time.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, February 2010

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