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ReviewingtheEvidence.com was founded by the late Barbara Franchi in 2001 in response to a relative paucity of review sites dedicated to crime fiction and is therefore one of the longest continuing sites of its kind. It now boasts more than eleven thousand reviews of mysteries and thrillers, all available on our searchable database and reviewers from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. While we specialize in crime fiction in all subgenres, we do occasionally review fantasy and sci-fi as well as non-fiction that we think will be of interest to our readers. The site is edited by writer and translator Yvonne Klein.

Because we are independent, you can be sure the reviews you read will be honest - and written by people who love the genre. No one connected to the site is paid, either directly or by publishers or other interested parties. We do work from advance review copies but reviews are never sent to publishers or authors prior to their appearance and reviews run only after the publication date. We insist that reviewers express their independent views and reveal any particular interest they may have regarding a particular author or title. We encourage constructive critical reviewing and discourage both unspecific raves and pans.

Publishers or authors wishing to submit books for review should contact the editor. Please note, before approaching us, that the publishing house must be a conventional print publisher and neither solicit nor accept financial payments from its authors, never copyright an author's title under the publisher's name, and never expect or ask authors to buy a certain number of copies of the author's books. In short, we cannot review self-published work. As a general rule we will only consider books for review which have been published by publishers listed on the Mystery Writers of America approved list, though exceptions do occur. We can never guarantee that a review will appear. And our reviewers are given a free rein to express their opinions constructively and honestly.

Please note that we review crime fiction and selected science fiction and horror. We have a policy of not accepting any religious books - and that includes religious crime fiction. We are unable to review any ebooks, unbound galleys, PODs, or PDF files.

Contact: Yvonne Klein (ymk@reviewingtheevidence.com).

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