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by Cody McFayden, read by Joyce Bean
Brilliance Audio, October 2009
Unabridged pages
ISBN: 1441802657

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FBI Special Agent Smoky Barrett leads a special investigative unit that focuses on the dark side of the criminal world. These are your sadistic serial killers, torturers, sociopaths, and the worst that humanity has to offer. The team has stared evil in the eye several times over the years and has managed to survive one way or another. They have made friends and allies who keep them going and have encountered their share of personal ordeals. This is the why the wedding of one of their own is a welcome respite. All goes according to plan until a car drives by and drops a woman right on their doorstep. The woman is a police officer, who has been missing for over seven years, and she seems to have lived a hellish existence during all that time. A careful and meticulous planner has been kidnapping women off for some time and holding them prisoner for years and years for reasons yet to be revealed. The kidnapper, who goes by the name of Dali, wants to be caught and wants it to be a challenge. The FBI are more than happy to oblige, unaware of what is to come.

The team discovers that Dali is not someone to be underestimated and they learned it the hard way. ABANDONED is a novel filled with a lot of suspense, not for the faint of heart, that thrives on a great deal of action and authorial misdirection from the author which pays off later in the game. One of McFadyen's strong suits in this book, as well as the series, is in his development of his characters that demonstrate their uniqueness as well as the skills they bring to the task force. Readers can appreciate their camaraderie as well as their brief moments of levity in what is still a dark novel and series.

Joyce Bean, the reader, conveys this well by giving personality to each one of the characters and being careful not to spoil the experience for the reader especially when the book is about to go in a darker direction. ABANDONED is not a book for everyone. Cozy lovers need not apply, but if you are looking for a good and gripping thriller you need not go any further.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, November 2009

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