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by Clare O'Donohue
Plume, September 2009
256 pages
ISBN: 0452295580

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A DRUNKARD'S PATH is the second in the Someday Quilts mystery series by Clare O'Donohue, following her debut, THE LOVER'S KNOT. Twenty-six-year-old Nell Fitzgerald has begun her new life in Archers Rest, New York, after leaving the city behind in search of a fresh start. She has taken up residence with her grandmother, Eleanor, who owns the Someday Quilts shop and heads up a quilting circle.

Nell is also easing into a romance with the handsome police chief, Jesse Dewalt. When Jesse stands her up for their first date, Nell boldly goes to confront him, only to discover the reason for his absence: the body of a young woman has been discovered by the Hudson River.

Nell tries her best to stay out of the investigation, despite her overly curious nature. Meanwhile, the members of the quilting circle encourage her to take drawing classes with the famous artist Oliver White. When Oliver meets Eleanor, the artist is instantly smitten. But when another body turns up outside her grandmother's home under a blanket of snow, Nell begins to fear that her professor may have a more sinister agenda, and despite Jesse's orders that she keep her nose out of police business, Nell is determined to learn the truth.

From the first page, it's easy to get wrapped up in Nell's story. O'Donohue tells it clearly, and things move along at a brisk pace, with new elements being introduced at just the right intervals. Nell spends a lot of time at her grandmother's shop, but the essence of this so-called quilting mystery is more the relationships and interactions between the women of the quilting circle rather than the actual quilting process.

O'Donohue does a good job of interspersing information about the quilts and their history and legends with the plot and action of the mystery, which ends with a nicely shocking twist. It's been a long time since I've read a book in a day, but this is that kind of book -- a charming, quick and interesting read

Reviewed by J.B. Thompson, September 2009

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