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by Lis Wiehl and April Henry
Thomas Nelson, April 2009
320 pages
ISBN: 1595547053

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In this powerful novel about the chaos that ensues when a young woman goes missing, authors Lis Wiehl and April Henry have created an interesting new group of crime fighters. Three friends, living and working in Portland, Oregon, each approach the crime from a different angle: Allison Pierce is a federal prosecutor, Nicole Hedge is an FBI special agent, and Cassidy Shaw is a local TV reporter. Calling themselves the "Triple Threat Club," these friends often work at odds with each other, but always toward the same goal--finding the missing girl.

The girl in question is 17-year old Katie Converse, who is currently home on Christmas break, from her year in Washington, DC, as a Senate page. Katie has always been an outstanding student, never one to cause her father or stepmother any worry. Yet Katie has changed during her year away from home, and when she disappears while out walking the dog one day, the Triple Threat Club have few clues to go on, except her My Space page.

In her blog, it's clear that Katie has gotten involved with someone, but could it be the mysterious Senator X? How does that relationship figure into her disappearance? Was she abducted, or did she run away? Is she the victim of a serial killer, or a distressed teen willing to take her own life?

Adding to the story are the background stories of the three crime fighters' personal lives. These likable women are complicated, and interesting, and their dynamic together (while supportive) has its ups and downs, just as real friends might experience. They are characters readers will enjoy and look forward to reading more about, as tantalizing clues from their back stories are left untold for another day.

FACE OF BETRAYAL is an engrossing read, with a premise that seems drawn from the news of today. There's nothing fake, nothing that requires a suspension of belief to enjoy this novel, and that is truly its greatest accolade. The one element that may put some readers off is the subtle Christian messages that seem to pop up throughout the telling of this mystery. Even with this caveat, however, there is much to enjoy about the Triple Threat Club, and readers are sure to be drawn in by this storyline.

Reviewed by Christine Zibas, March 2009

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