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by M.C. Beaton
St Martin's Minotaur, October 2008
288 pages
ISBN: 0312349122

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Agatha Raisin fans will clamor for her latest adventure. A slightly Trixie Agatha contemplates limiting the opening hours of her detective agency. When Mrs. Bloxby, the local vicar's wife, tells Agatha that the vicar in the village of Comfrey Magna would like her to help publicize their upcoming fete, Agatha really isn't interested. That is, until she sees the wonderful green eyes of George Selby, a widower in the village.

There is the usual array of familiar characters such as Sir Charles Fraith, Roy Silver, and Sgt Bill Wong, but it is Trixie Chance, the glamorous wife of the vicar of St Odo the Severe, who contributes most to the tension in the story. Even the handsome George Selby finds Trixie delectable, which infuriates Agatha. The village fete is wildly successful, bringing out hordes of people to hear Betsy Wilson, a pop singer. But when jam entered in the tasting competition turns out to be poisoned, Agatha finds herself right in the middle of a double-murder investigation.

Agatha is again experiencing trouble with her knees and can't get around as quickly and easily as she would like so she must rely on Toni, her youngest detective, more than ever. This presents a type of love-hate relationship on Agatha's part as the young and attractive Toni gets most of the press coverage. With Toni also being pursued amorously by Sgt Wong and a former detective of Agatha's, events get complicated. Agatha stumbles along trying to solve the murders, barely avoiding being the next victim, and receives a crushing blow from her ex-husband James Lacey. When all the secrets and evils spill out the reader will find A SPOONFUL OF POISON a delicious read.

Reviewed by Ginger K.W. Stratton, December 2008

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