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by Jeff Abbott
Dutton, July 2008
320 pages
ISBN: 0525950281

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Ben Forsberg is living a nightmare. From a normal life as a business man negotiating contracts for multi-million dollar companies he is suddenly a wanted man. He is wanted by Homeland Security, the CIA, and the FBI. The most unusual thing in Ben's life happened two years previously when his wife was murdered on their honeymoon. The killing was deemed to be a random shooting by the police and no one was ever apprehended.

It all began with what seemed like simple identity theft, but then it appeared that Ben was being framed for crimes he had not committed. The man who had assumed Ben's identity was a killer who worked for an organization, The Cellar, so secret that the CIA didn't even know about it. "Pilgrim," as he was called, only knew the leader, an innocuous middle-aged woman with the demeanor of a librarian whom he called "Teach."

As their paths cross after Ben is taken by Homeland Security, he and Pilgrim become unlikely allies. As Pilgrim learns that someone has betrayed his covert organization and agents have been killed, he realizes that he can't turn to the cops or the CIA unless he wants to spend the rest of his life in prison. With Ben's reluctant assistance, Pilgrim begins the search for the man he knew as Dragon another lifetime ago. Dragon too has assumed another identity.

COLLISION is a wild ride. The reader is never sure of any of the characters, who is or is not a good guy. Corrupt politician or honest government employee you cannot tell. As Ben's world turns upside down we see his betrayal, fear and ultimate resolution of his wife's murder as well as who was responsible for framing him. This is a scary book scary because it could be all too real. Greedy government contractors and the people in power they have in their back pockets are not strangers to the reality of life today.

The characters and situations are unfortunately all too realistic. The action is non-stop and the tension and suspense build to a conclusion that you will never anticipate.

Reviewed by Lorraine Gelly, September 2008

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