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by Meg Gardiner
Signet, September 2008
384 pages
ISBN: 0451225228

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Just like Jack Bauer on televisionís 24, former-lawyer-now-writer Evan Delaney does not have ordinary days when it comes to her adventures in Meg Gardinerís popular series. In CHINA LAKE, Evan faced a doomsday cult that wanted to kidnap her six-year-old nephew; in MISSION CANYON it was blackmailing cyberterrorists who wanted to harm her fiancť; in JERICHO POINT she went head-to-head with a murderous and crazed rock and roller with a vendetta against Evan. So whatís next? CROSSCUT features a calculating serial killer who is targeting Evanís high school graduating class for a decades-old transgression.

Evan returns to her hometown of China Lake to attend her fifteen-year class reunion where she learns what happened to her former classmates. In fewer than fifteen years, a good number of them have died of natural and unnatural causes, but that is only the beginning. Just as the reunion begins, another of her classmates is slaughtered in her own home, followed by yet another grisly murder inside a dentist‛s office. Evan is disturbed by it all and she has an idea of what triggered the killings but does not know what to do about it. All she knows is that she knows she is on the killer‛s hitlist and she is not one to go quietly. She will uncover some secrets regarding her time in high school as well as her father‛s possible role in the matter. The killer is tenacious, a master of disguise, and completely ruthless. Once again, the only person who can stop it will be Evan herself.

Newcomers to this series might enjoy this book, even if they haven‛t have read any of the others. Gardiner knows how to ratchet up the suspense and build the action. Sometimes she gets a little bit too clever when it comes to twist and turns, but some enjoy that type of thing. This novel might have worked better as a standalone with different characters because there is a lot of backstory and a rather large cast. Depending what kind of reader you are when it comes to this series you might end up feeling the same way here.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, September 2008

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