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by J.D. Rhoades
St Martin's Minotaur, July 2008
352 pages
ISBN: 0312371551

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Let's get this straight As much as I am sure that many would have preferred this to be a Jack Keller novel, BREAKING COVER is not. It is however a novel that will knock you off your seat!

Where has Tony Wolf disappeared to over these years and what has he been doing? As Axel McCabe, he has been off the grid and infiltrating a vicious biker-gang known as the Brotherhood. Reluctantly he emerges from hiding when he rescues two abducted young boys. Making the decision to free the two kidnapped boys was an easy one and one he does not regret. However, his act of heroism brings him to the attention of a number of people who he would rather not know that he was still around. He has been undercover for such a long time and that is where his talent lies - attacking illegal organisations from the inside. As the most talented undercover agent in FBI history he now finds himself as the number one target of both a vicious biker gang he double crossed and also of a manhunt within the FBI.

Tony is fed up with being hunted and decides to fight back. However he trusts no one and as he prepares for battle he knows that it is going to be long, hard, and extremely bloody. There can be only one outcome and he is determined that he will not only elude those chasing him but that he will also teach them an extremely hard lesson in the process.

BREAKING COVER is a brilliant novel. Vivid, fascinating and action packed, this is a thriller that will no doubt leave one wanting more. Tony Wolf is a determined, charismatic guy who only wants to be left alone. But realises that unless he does something himself, he is not going to be.

This is certainly a book that will give the reader an adrenaline rush. Those who like their thrillers to be thought provoking and with bullets flying will love it. Let's hope that we get to see much more of Tony Wolf. Like name, like nature.

Reviewed by Ayo Onatade, August 2008

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