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by Robert Asprin
Ace, April 2008
340 pages
ISBN: 0441014704

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Griffen McCandles has coasted through his college career at the University of Michigan, skating through his classes and playing poker on the side to keep himself in pocket change. He's pretty good at poker, and a reasonably presentable young man in general. One can easily understand his disbelief when his Uncle Malcolm informs him that he and his sister Valerie are almost full-blooded dragons. As such, they present some problems to the dragon community. Perhaps Griffen would like to sign on with Malcolm, another dragon?

Griffen decides, for reasons of his own, not to join Malcolm's organization. Instead, he opts for a chance to go to work for an unlicensed casino operator named Mose, learning his gambling operation. Leaving town looks good as there are assassins after him and his sister. So Grif and Valerie head for the French Quarter.

Grif goes to work for Moses, and quickly learns the basics. Along the way, he handles some situations and establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with. It takes Grif a while to accept his dragon nature and learn how to use his skills, but hes a quick study. Valerie has come along to keep an eye on her brother and watch his back. She finds herself bored after a while, and gets herself a job.

DRAGONS WILD is an entertaining book, with enough plot to keep a reader interested. Grif and Valerie are young, with lots of room to grow. They face the usual challenges of coping with new situations, new jobs, romances, and the like; they do it with a verve and flair that is presumably attributable to their dragon blood.

The only complaint I have, as a reader, is the abrupt nature of some of the transitions. I found myself having to go back a page to see if I'd turned two pages by accident, or missed something. Nope, I hadn't. It was just the way the writer handled moving from one scene to the next. Other than that, this was a pleasure to read: light, entertaining, with the promise of more to come in the future.

Reviewed by P.J. Coldren, July 2008

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