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by Charlaine Harris
Berkley , March 2008
240 pages
ISBN: 0425220524

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Aurora (Roe) Teagarden is thinking of joining her mother as a real estate agent, but when a female realtor is murdered in a house she was showing and then another agent is killed in almost the same way, Roe tries to find the killer in order to keep her friends and herself safe.

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Aurora (Roe) Teagarden is a little at loose ends since she inherited a good deal of money and a house after a childless friend of hers died. After quitting her old job as a librarian she's now thinking of joining her mother in her real estate agency. Roe had thought that looking at houses while showing them to clients might be interesting, but now she's not so sure. Just as she was showing one house to a new man in town, the powerfully attractive older businessman Martin Bartell, she came across the dead body of a fellow realtor Tonia Lee Greenhouse, shackled, naked and murdered.

Now that her pals in her The Old Real Murders Club have gone their separate ways, Roe feels it's up to her to go through all the clues to try and find out who the murderer is and why. But she's distracted. The moment she met Martin Bartell she was hit by a bolt of lust, and to her amazement, so was he. Now after yet another old friend gets married and she finds out something that her latest beau, an Episcopalian minister, has kept secret, she realizes that she and the minister just aren't going to make it as a couple. She and Martin have started a hot relationship, and she's not exactly acting like herself. She's suddenly interested in looking really good, wearing clothing that's well made and she's even interested in how she wears her hair.

But her new interest doesn't completely stop her from looking into who the murderer might be and asking questions of other real estate agents, among whom there are a few people who might be guilty. Then when she comes across yet another murder, Roe starts to feel real fear and is determined to find the killer herself.

This is the reissued 1995 third installment in the Aurora Teagarden series and it stands well on its own, mainly because Roe changed at an alarming rate. Her newfound wealth and the changes in her life permit her to remake herself completely, something that Charlaine Harris has done with this character more than once in the series. This book is well written as usual, the people involved are all people you want to read about and visit again and again. The way the murder is solved was pretty satisfying, and the hints in this book that point the way for the next in the series are nicely done with a fast light touch.

THREE BEDROOMS, ONE CORPSE is an enjoyable story and it's lovely to read a reissue of an old series.

Reviewed by A.L. Katz, February 2008

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