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by Joan Johnston
Pocket, March 2008
352 pages
ISBN: 0743454383

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Good at his job of being an FBI agent, Breed Greyhawk doesn't want love or family involvement, ever since his father turned away from him and his mother because he didn't look like his father. One day while trawling the bars for some companionship Breed finds a willing woman. All she asks of him is that he do her a favor that she will tell him about later. Breed is so out of his mind with lust that he agrees and after they do the deed she disappears. Breed finds that he can't get her out of his mind so he tries to find her right away.

Meanwhile, the woman, Grace Caldwell born Merle Raye Finkel is on her way to burgle Breed's boss's home. As a youth, Merle Raye Finkel was put into prison for killing her stepmother and her abusive father. Young Merle was innocent of the crime and so when she was released she changed her name and set out to find the real killer. Luckily her grandmother left her a few million dollars to help her on her quest, and so Merle fell off the face of the earth to show up again as Grace.

Grace is certain that Breed's FBI boss is the real murderer and she breaks into his home to find evidence. But her burglary is cut short when she comes across an x-rated diary written by the FBI man's wife, telling all about her sexual escapades with many men. Then Grace hears someone coming and she holds on to the diary and escapes into the night.

Using the Internet to get information about the men in the diary, Grace sees that she may have found a real serial killer in the FBI boss. What's a thief to do? She calls on her lover, Breed, to tell him the truth.

Meanwhile after looking at a hidden videotape he takes of his wife's bedroom, the boss discovers that he's been burgled and his wife's secret diary (that he knows all about) has been taken. He recognizes Merle's face and reports to the FBI that he has information that Merle's a terrorist aiming to blow up the president! He figures that as soon as she's taken into custody he can arrange her demise.

After it's announced that Merle is a terrorist, Breed has to find her, his Grace, before anyone else does, in order to save her and save his career. Breed finds Grace and he is soon swayed to believe that she is actually an innocent woman, but he just can't believe his boss is really a serial killer. Not a problem, while Breed hides in a closet, the boss soon confesses to Grace as he is about to kill her. Breed comes to the rescue, but not fast enough to stop his boss from going free, and his boss now reports to the FBI that Breed is also a terrorist on the run with the terrorist Merle.

Breed is now on the run with Grace, calling in on his friends to help him find evidence to prove he is innocent and that his boss is a serial killer.

This is a book with plenty of sex scenes. The action and the story both take a back seat to romance, so if you love romance books and don't care one whit for logic then you'll love A STRANGER'S GAME. Personally, I lost all interest in the book when a raccoon who was eating a blueberry muffin became a hero and thwarted the bad guys in one scene.

I also lost respect for the book when I gave some thought to Breed's father turning his back on his son by refusing to think that he has any Indian blood in him. Isn't Greyhawk a common Indian name?

Finally, all I can feel in reading this book is that, well, that's an afternoon I've wasted and will never get back.

Reviewed by A.L. Katz, February 2008

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