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by Simon Wood
Leisure Books, October 2007
386 pages
ISBN: 0843959800

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San Francisco parents lived in fear eight years ago of a serial kidnapper known as the Piper. He would take a rich person’s child in broad daylight and disappear until he made his ransom demands. If he did not get two million dollars within a set amount of time he would kill the child. All the children have been returned safely, except for one.

Many pointed the finger of blame at crime reporter Scott Fleetwood. He was contacted by someone who he, at the time, believed was the Piper. The FBI and the police toned down the search for the kidnapper due to his news reports but it was all for naught. The real Piper felt slighted that the FBI were searching for an impostor so he took it out on his latest victim by killing him. He then disappeared, and nothing happened for the next eight years.

Now the Piper has returned after a long hiatus by kidnapping one of Scott Fleetwood’s sons in an elaborate game of revenge. Fleetwood still feels responsible for the death of the last victim and he wants his son back alive. He will do whatever it takes to save his son, even at the risk of endangering his own life. The thing is that there is a little more to the story and it will be enough to hook you into PAYING THE PIPER.

Simon Wood hooks readers from page one without an introduction and without a word of explanation. Events are taking place already and the author knows how to set the tension inside this book even from the very beginning. The kidnapper is a master manipulator and knows how to instill fear. The book moves at a breakneck pace without giving readers much of a breathing space to take a pause.

This is a book that is meant to be devoured in a day. A lot happens inside the book, and it is far from boring. Wood knows how to create action and tension with just a few sentences plus he loves his fast cars. Simon Wood might not be a household name right now, but if his books continue at this pace he might soon be.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, November 2007

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