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by Rhonda Pollero
Kensington, March 2008
352 pages
ISBN: 0758215592

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Rhonda Pollero's mystery series features Finley Anderson Tanner (F.A.T. to those who aren’t her admirers). Finley works as a paralegal in a large law firm in Palm Beach, Florida, and is a begrudging socialite and the major disappointment to her mother.

Finley is flip, doesn’t save money, maxes out all of her credit cards, leases a BMW, and buys designer clothes and jewelry on eBay. She is also overly concerned with sex, wanting to virtually pounce on any male body in sight. She is unable to even interview suspects, or drive a car without over obsessing on sexual thoughts, seeing sexual stimulants everywhere. Her main diet is coffee and Lucky Charms.

KNOCK ‘EM DEAD begins with a friend of Finley's, covered in blood, knocking on her door in the wee hours of the morning. She has just come from her apartment where she awoke finding her date dead and his penis cut off. What happens after that is a whirlwind of misunderstandings, blunders by the police, and irrational pursuits by Finley to clear her friend of the charge of murder, while trying to decide whether to break off a 'perfect' relationship with one man, and begin another with a handsome, but less than perfect, PI. Finley has a wonderful helpful upstairs neighbor who is gay, and three female friends, one of whom is an attorney at the law firm where Finley works.

The characters are well defined and the plot interesting. The dialogue is delightfully fresh and amusing. However, the actual description of life in a large law firm is unrealistic, as well as based on great leaps of imagination on how the legal community works. If when approaching the book the reader has the understanding that it is meant to be “over the top,” it is a fun, satisfying, quick read.

Pollero is a best-selling romantic suspense writer. She also writes under the name of Kelsey Roberts. She has had several highly successful series published by Harlequin and Ballantine. In 2007 she started her first mystery series with KNOCK OFF. KNOCK ’EM DEAD is the second in the series and will certainly bring more accolades to Pollero.

Reviewed by Ginger K. W. Stratton, November 2007

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