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by Zoe Sharp
St Martin's Minotaur, September 2007
288 pages
ISBN: 0312358954

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Simone Kerse has just won more than 13 million in the lottery. She wants to go to the US to search for the father who abandoned her and her mother many years earlier. Simone broke up with her boyfriend, the father of her child, Ella, only a short time before winning the lottery.

Charlie Fox and Sean Meyer are having lunch with a banker and Simone and Ella. The banker is trying to convince Simone that she needs a bodyguard. Her side of the story is that Matt, Ella's father, is not a very nice man and only wants back in because of the money.

Simone finally agrees to accept a bodyguard. Against Charlie's better judgment (after the bodies she left strewn about in Florida in her first foray into the US), Fox accepts the position. She expects to have a week or more in which to get used to the idea, but Simone has a fright that night and Charlie agrees to leave London as soon as arrangements can be made.

They arrive in Boston and check into a fancy waterfront hotel. The PI that Simone had hired is dead, killed in a skid off a bridge into the river. While awaiting his partner to come and bring them the information he has amassed, they walk along the snowy path between the hotel and the New England Aquarium. First Ella wanders off, and after Charlie finds her, they go looking for Simone, who is talking to a rather polite and nice-looking man outside the building. Charlie takes Simone and Ella back to the hotel and tells Simone the facts of life.

Charlie Fox is the woman you want next to you when you are in trouble. She thinks clearly and usually, unemotionally. So then why does she end up in an icy ditch with two gunshot wounds, and how did this all happen? Read the book. In fact read all the Charlie Fox books. Only two have been published in the US but there are at least five available. Do go back and read the others after you have read this. And this is not a paid advertisement, even though Zoe Sharp kindly mentions me in the acknowledgments. I really do love her books. Perhaps Ray Stevenson (Pullo in ROME) could be Sean Meyer.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, September 2007

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