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by Chris Grabenstein
Carroll & Graf, October 2007
400 pages
ISBN: 0786720611

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The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are swiftly approaching FBI Agent Christopher Miller and his family, but they don't feel like celebrating. Last year at this time Miller's little girl was kidnapped and as this year's holidays get closer, his little girl is getting more and more afraid.

"Saint Chris" as his FBI buddies refer to him, plans on doing his best to protect his child and wife from anything bad that might happen during this season. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men? They often go astray and that is what's happening again this year.

Chris wants to take time off to spend with his family to make sure they enjoy the upcoming holiday season, but he soon finds out that a terrorist group has plans to shoot down an airliner from JFK Airport. He is ordered to find out what he can about this group and to stop the destruction of the airplane.

Meanwhile the terrorist group has other things on its mind than just the airplane. They are really a white supremacist hate group and the sharp-shooter that they've hired is getting a bit tired of sitting around waiting to shoot the plane down. He thinks the missile that the group has stolen for him to shot down the plane can do a lot more damage if used correctly.

HELL FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Chris Grabenstien is the second in his Christopher Miller series. The book is set in New York and New Jersey, which the author knows very well. He always describes the area perfectly.

The book is filled with lots of action. Miller, as a main character is terrific. He's an honest man doing his best to make his bosses at the FBI happy and also needing to make sure that his family is safe. He walks a tightrope, and when push comes to shove it's nice to see that his family almost always gets his attention first.

The Miller series is as good as his John Ceepak series. If you like plenty of action definitely pick up one of the Christopher Miller books. Any of Chris Grabenstein's books will entertain you. He's a fine new author and every time he writes another book, from either of his series, I'm ready to read it.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, October 2007

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