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by Jeff Abbott
Sphere, April 2007
416 pages
6.99 GBP
ISBN: 0751538329

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Michael Raymond, formerly Miles Kendrick, is in the Witness Protection program. Uprooted from his native Miami to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Miles cannot forget the trauma that resulted from killing his best friend while he, Miles, was working undercover for the FBI.

Miles was not an agent. Rather, he had been happy as an investigator in his fatherís investigation agency. But when his father died owing the local mob over $300,000 Miles found himself working for the mob. The other choice was being dead. Then he arranged to go under cover. Now he is protected because eventually he will need to testify at one of the mob trials.

There are exactly two people he can be comfortable with in Santa Fe. One is his boss, Joy Garrison, who knows he is in the witness program but nothing else, and the other is his therapist, Allison Vance. While Inspector Pitts from WITSEC is an occasional visitor, he and Miles donít have a relationship and eventually Miles walks away from the program.

Dr Vance has been attempting to help Miles deal with the trauma of the murder of his friend, Andy. When she asks Miles for help and then is killed in an explosion at her office building, Miles and two other patients of Allisonís are suddenly on the run.

Dr Vance had promised her patients that there was a new drug, a real breakthrough in PTSD and they would be part of the testing. With her death, they are on the trail of the people who may have the drug. In the meanwhile, they are pursued by a certain unsavory element that is certain that Miles and the others have the drug.

This is indeed a thriller and the pace is unrelenting. Even on the rare occasion someone grabs a few hours of sleep, dreams and strange events keep the reader on edge. Miles must make alliances with people whom he does not trust, and he knows they are using him as well.

Falling back on his skills as an investigator he attempts to get to the truth of the matter of this drug that if it is marketed, would mean millions of dollars for the drug companies and a better life for millions of people. The greed and unscrupulousness of some of the individuals in this book is probably right on the mark. There are always those who will place making a fortune over making a difference.

Reviewed by Lorraine Gelly, August 2007

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