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by P. C. Doherty
St. Martin's Minotaur, November 2006
320 pages
ISBN: 0312359608

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The location of Rahimere's tomb has remained a secret for many years. Suddenly a group of tomb raiders, the Sebaus, have located this tomb and discovered many treasures including an important book. Pharaoh Queen Hatusu is outraged by this theft and by the Sebaus in general. She wants this sect discovered and destroyed. To this end she pushes her Chief Judge, Lord Amerotke, to punish any member of the Sebaus he discovers.

In addition to this royal task, Lord Amerotke has several other crimes to investigate. He is hearing rumors about the Temple of Isis, which is a temple that cares for the dying and sick. Rumors indicate that something sinister might be occurring there as well. The fact that four handmaidens have disappeared from this temple is merely a single sample of the events in question. Lord Amerotke needs to discover the fate of these missing women as well as determine whether someone is murdering the temple patients.

The final crime Amerotke is taking a personal interest in is the death of General Suten. Suten feared snakes and made his servants search his rooms daily for them. The fact that he is discovered dead of more than 13 snake bites indicates that Suten was murdered. Amerotke must decide who killed Suten, why he was killed and how the snakes were placed in the house.

These investigations prove dangerous, as several attempts are made on Amerotke's life and witnesses are murdered. The Pharaoh wants a result soon and will not tolerate any excuses. Lord Amerotke must resolve all three of these cases quickly or his life and his political career might be over.

THE ASSASSINS OF ISIS is the fifth mystery in Doherty's Ancient Egypt series. This series is well researched and provides accurate details from historical sources. Like most of Doherty's books, THE ASSASSINS OF ISIS is well written and the characters help move the storyline along.

While all of PC Doherty's books tend to be slightly dry, I do enjoy reading them. Doherty's novels tell interesting stories and the bad guys are always punished in the end.

Reviewed by Sarah Dudley, December 2006

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