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by Steve Hamilton
Brilliance Audio, September 2006
Unabridged audiobook pages
ISBN: 1423307151

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A STOLEN SEASON is the latest book in this excellent series featuring Alex McKnight. Itís July 4 and it is supposed to be summer. However, the weather is more like winter with heavy fog and very little sunshine to go with it. Alexís love life to Natalie a Canadian cop has reached a new stage and he fears for her safety, as she takes on a precarious new case undercover in the hope of capturing a dangerous gun dealer.

On the day in question Alex joins his friends Tyler and ex-PI Leon to watch the fireworks display but they soon find themselves witnessing a boat crash and coming to the aid of the people on board. Their explanations as to what gave rise to the accident do not ring true and when further incidents take place, Alex and his friends soon realise that the men are certainly dangerous.

On top of all this, Natalie finds herself in danger as well. Alex has not realised the true extent and danger of Natalieís operation. Sadly, for Alex it is more than the summer that is stolen from him in this case. Is this in fact his darkest hour yet?

Once again, Steve Hamilton has written a tantalising and brooding novel. The story initially begins at an unhurried pace but soon steps up a gear to a frantic speed as it reaches its terrifying and heartfelt conclusion. The characters bring a whole new meaning to the word vicious. Alex McKnight is one of those rare breeds of characters who is unafraid to show his vulnerability and is willing to retaliate when those whom he cares about are in danger. He's a modern man for modern times. A STOLEN SEASON makes you truly think about the lengths one will go for our nearest and dearest.

One of the good things about A STOLEN SEASON is the lyrical, way in which it is written and the fact that the writing is as always extremely good. Even though this is an audio version, the reader can still appreciate the sense of place and action. Jim Bond is a very good narrator and manages to convey exactly what the reader expects to hear when listening to an audio book down to a very accurate Canadian accent for Natalie. For fans this is an excellent and welcome (if a somewhat sombre) addition to this inspired series. My only gripe is that you can only listen to this version if you have a MP3-CD player, which was a shame.

Reviewed by Ayo Onatade, December 2006

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