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by Nancy Atherton
Penguin, February 2007
336 pages
ISBN: 0143038303

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Lori Shepherd was born in the US but when she inherited a house in England from her mother's old friend Dimity, she and her lawyer husband Bill Willis packed up their belongings and moved from Boston to the Cotswolds in England. They've been living there happily for many years raising their now five-year-old twin boys.

And Dimity, who is dead, still keeps in contact with Lori through a very special album. Lori speaks to Dimity and the ghost of her aunt answers in writing. Things are very nice for Lori and her family but suddenly their idyllic lives have been shattered.

Bill has started receiving death threats against him and his family from one of his clients so he sends Lori and the boys to stay with Percy Pelham a client and a good friend. Percy owns an island in the Scottish Isles, so Lori, and the twins will be staying with Percy in his castle.

Percy has also hired two bodyguards for Lori and her sons to make sure that they remain safe from 'Abaddon' the man who has been threatening their lives.

Even though Percy's island and castle appear safe, Lori starts to think that something is very wrong. All the homes and farms on this small isle have the best in modern technology. Their homes are well taken care of and everyone has satellite dishes. The islanders don't like tourists visiting them and make it very hard for any newcomer. There is only one small inn so there is nowhere for people to stay.

Before you know it Lori is sure that the islanders are dealing in drug trafficking and that is how they have become wealthy. When she asks Percy how everyone has so much money he insists it's because of the special tweed that the islanders make. Lori doesn't quite believe this and against the wishes of Aunt Dimity and her bodyguard, starts to investigate.

Now instead of just having Abaddon trying to kill her it looks like the inhabitants of this island are after her as well.

AUNT DIMITY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA is the 11th in Nancy Atherton's great Aunt Dimity series. I love the way that Atherton takes the family out of England to the Scottish Isles in this installment. Her description of the area makes me want to pull up stakes and move there myself.

The characters are wonderful and likeable and readers are made to care about Lori and her family. Her twin boys Will and Rob are adorable and are written in such a way that you could almost hear them running around and playing.

Of course Lori is semi-attracted to her bodyguard just as she is attracted to almost every man she meets in this series, but she is true to her husband and would never do anything to jeopardize their marriage.

The books in the Aunt Dimity series are far from violent and you never see a murder happen, you just hear about it and I enjoy that aspect.

This is a marvelous series that seems as strong as it was at the beginning. Nancy Atherton makes each storyline interesting and it is very clear that she isn't getting tired of Lori or Aunt Dimity. When the author still loves her characters the readers will too. Pick up any Aunt Dimity book and relax and enjoy.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, March 2007

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