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by Russell Andrews
Mysterious Press, March 2007
368 pages
ISBN: 0892960213

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Former homicide detective Justin Westwood is living a quiet life as the police chief in the small town of East End Harbor on Long Island. He has plenty of time to deal with the small-time incidents on the island while having an affair with beautiful, gorgeous, wealthy, Abigail Harmon.

During one of their lovers' trysts, Justin receives a phone call that one of the inhabitants of the town has been found beaten to death beyond recognition. The dead man is Evan, Abigail's husband.

Justin takes his job seriously and makes sure that his people do the right things at the crime scene. He writes up his report in full, putting it on record that he and the dead man's wife are involved. When a second lover of Abigail's comes to light with evidence that he was the one who might have killed Evan, Justin is then taken off the case and relieved of his job.

At the same time Justin gets a phone call from his wealthy father in Rhode Island. His dead wife's sister is upset because her husband is missing and the family would like Justin to find him. If only to give himself something to do, he accepts and goes back to his hometown.

Just as he's starting to get an idea of the people who might be involved and that his brother-in-law is connected to the death of Evan Harmon in Long Island, a former acquaintance of his with the FBI warns him off both cases. Not one to take advice, Justin continues the investigation and more deaths occur.

Also involved is a hauntingly beautiful Asian woman and her equally attractive lover. Both are trained to be the ultimate killing machines, taking orders from someone on high who is pulling the strings to all the happenings.

As the investigation continues, Justin is soon drawn into the Wall Street scene. As he continues to follow the dots to the murders, he finds that there are amazingly high stakes and extremely complex and hidden players involved.

Then the FBI decides to bring Justin into the investigation and assigns him to work with an agent for whom Justin has love/hate feelings. Working against his own fears and history, escaping danger over and over again, Justin finds that nothing is as it seems.

HADES is a well-written, action-packed, fast-paced book. The story is multi-leveled with intricate storylines that all come together to build a solid mystery. The readers are taken for a ride into the darkest shadows of the lives of the very rich.

Justin is very much affected by everything he has lived through before and the readers are given hints of his past story that will make them want to go the other volumes in this series to see what happened. Most of the other characters in the book are larger than life and they deal with situations in ways that are only opened to the very wealthy and beautiful.

HADES is a masterfully-crafted mystery that will keep the readers turning the pages until the very end.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, December 2006

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