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by Sheryl J. Anderson
St Martin's Minotaur, July 2006
320 pages
ISBN: 0312350058

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In New York City, Molly Forrester is an advice columnist for Zeitgeist magazine, but she yearns to be a crime investigative reporter. She soon gets her wish when her editor gives her the job of writing about the recent murder of Garth Henderson, an advertising legend, whose advertising agency is a large sponsor of the magazine.

Everyone, including the police, thinks that Garth's estranged wife Gwen Lincoln did it. Gwen is now in charge of the advertising business, which is going through with an important merger with another agency. Zeitgeist magazine wants Molly to make the public's sympathy go to Gwen so the business will be strong. But Molly has her own ideas. She wants to get to the truth of the murder and she decides that finding the real killer, no matter who it turns out to be, would be the best story and so it would be the best thing for the magazine.

KILLER DEAL is trying hard to be a Sex In The City spin-off. Molly has two gorgeous, sassy, witty and fashionable friends with whom she consults about every detail of her life, both professional and private. Interestingly, her professional and private life cross each other as she has to contend with her detective boyfriend Kyle Edwards as he disapproves of the way she's investigating the murder. She finds she also needs to fend off her ex-boyfriend, a fellow journalist, who just happens to be looking at the same murder in hopes of writing a best seller about it.

KILLER DEAL is light and snappy, with little tension in it. In Molly's world, the worst thing that happens to her is to be caught wearing last year's fashion, so without much thought she jumps gun-wielding men, chases killers and annoys the police with little thought and no repercussions. I found the too airy outlook, the constant conversations with her girlfriends and the descriptions that always mentioned the person's shoes and the designer's name to be a little too chick lit for me. Everyone in this book is remarkably attractive and this New York City is all upscale and perfect. As a result of this, I felt no bond with Molly, so I have no desire to read any of the others in this series. In addition, the solution to the crime is weak and the book ends with a whimper.

Don't read KILLER DEAL if you're looking for a good, solid, well-worked murder mystery. You'll be disappointed. It's far too involved with girlfriends, relationships and shopping to deliver a good investigative story.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, November 2006

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