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by David & Aimee Thurlo
Forge, November 2006
320 pages
ISBN: 0765316153

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In New Mexico, Lee Nez is a Navajo police officer and also half vampire. He must keep out of direct sunlight and has different needs as to what he eats, but all in all he has managed to use his vampire gifts to help his crime-fighting job.

This time, he is called on to go undercover to bring in one Newton Glover who has been harassing and intimidating his small community for a number of years now. With a background in clandestine espionage, Glover is a skilled killer and knows how to plan the perfect crime. He has his hands in everything from theft to murder, but with the help of members of the local police department, he has managed to get away with all of it.

Working with Lee is FBI Special Agent Diane Lopez, with whom Lee has been having a love affair. Diane knows all about his half vampire status and helps him in keeping his secret.

Along with rumors of Glover's spy training, there is also a story going around that he had been killed but came back to life again to get revenge on the men who killed him. Lee is afraid that Glover might be some sort of supernatural being and is determined to bring him to justice.

As soon as the undercover operation begins there is an amber alert. A ten-year-old boy, the child of fighting divorcing parents has gone missing. Lee has a feeling that Glover has something to do with it, and when a local child molester looks to have business with Glover, this urges Lee on all the harder.

I thoroughly enjoyed SURROGATE EVIL. Unlike some of the others in this series, the writers David and Aimee Thurlo didn't feel the need to stick in as many supernatural characters as they could. In this book, Lee uses his gifts as a vampire and sticks to the way he needs to keep it a secret without making it a big issue.

Here he is simply a good cop who uses all his talents to bring down the all too mortal evildoer and his equally immoral human buddies. Diane as his mortal lover understands that life with Lee can't be normal, but she makes allowances for his needs as Lee understands hers.

A murder mystery police procedural, SURROGATE EVIL has some supernatural moments, but on the whole uses its unusual character to build a logical and solid, well-written mystery.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, November 2006

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