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by Laurell K. Hamilton
Berkley, June 2006
496 pages
ISBN: 0425207978

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Anita Blake is a vampire hunter for the Federal Marshals but in this volume she isn't bothered by her job at all, for in DANSE MACABRE she's completely busy with two things. She needs to feed her newest power, 'the arduer' by having as much sex as she can and she's also highly concerned that she might be pregnant.

But with six non-mortal everyday lovers, all of whom are also supernatural beings, the big question is, who can be the baby's father and what type of being will the baby turn out to be? Also, since Anita has so many strains of non-mortal viruses in her body, could she actually carry to term or will the fetus eat its way out of her before she can safely give birth?

There's also a vampire ballet going to perform and Anita is designated the hostess for the visiting vampire dignitaries. She meets and greets all involved and gets hot and heavy -- personally -- in making diplomatic contacts.

I admit I'm not a fan of this series, I've read one volume before and I hated it. This installment has no real plot, no momentum and no taste. All creatures, mortal and non, seem to adore and lust after Anita, who, after small half-hearted protests, has sex with all of them.

The pages are filled with Anita's coupling with all sexes and numbers of humans, werewolves, vampires, and whoever else shows up. The book might try for erotica but falls into a bad porn category, for there's also violence along with the sex -- ad nauseam.

The rest of the book is all soap opera level dialogue. The characters discuss their feelings and their emotions with each other until another sex scene begins.

From what I've read on Laurell K Hamilton's website, many of this series' fans are disappointed with DANSE MACABRE, finding it lacking in the things that made them fans in the first place. As a newcomer to this series, I found that this book not only didn't stand on its own, but it also managed to confuse and bore me with its distasteful and banal sexual content.

I sincerely hope that I never run across another Anita Blake volume. This one wasted my time and made me dislike the writer for putting such a poor book on paper.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, July 2006

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