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by Laurell K. Hamilton
Jove, February 2006
288 pages
ISBN: 0515140872

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Larry Kirkland, another animator and vampire executioner, phones Anita Blake early one morning. His wife, Detective Tammy Reynolds of the Regional Preternatural Investigation Squad, has gone into early labor. Larry is due in Philadelphia to raise an important FBI witness from the dead, but Anita readily agrees to do the job for Larry, even though she hates flying.

One of her lovers Micah, Nimir-raj (king) of the St. Louis wereleopard pard, insists on accompanying her. Nathaniel, another wereleopard whose day job was as a stripper, Anita, and Micah, have all lived together for six months, always sleeping together in the same bed. Nathaniel is miffed that Micah has insisted on going with Anita. He is also afraid to stay alone in the house, so Micah tells him to go Jean-Claude, the master vampire, who is another of Anita's lovers.

Anita and Micah take off for Philadelphia. Along the way, Micah mentions that this will be their first time alone together, and Anita panics. She doesn't think she wants a monogamous relationship. She isn't even sure of her feelings for Micah.

When she gets to the cemetery, she feels all the souls buried there, not just the ones of the newly dead. It is an old graveyard, and the sensations disturb her. The opposing attorney tries to stall until daylight, when it will be too late for Anita to raise the witness, but she does so anyway. He emerges from his grave with more strength that he should have and makes some surprising statements.

Meanwhile, Anita and Micah are having their problems. As Anita says: "Raising the dead is easy. Love is hard." She has to get her mind around the fact that she loves Micah and he loves her back. She is tied to Jean-Claude and Richard, the alpha werewolf of St. Louis, by blood and she has to reconcile her feelings.

MICAH is a very soft porn/supernatural romantic thriller. Anita only has sex with Micah in this one, not with Jean-Claude, Richard, Nathaniel, and the rest. And Micah tries to woo her with a fancy hotel room, room service, and his attentiveness. This is more story and less sex than some of the more recent titles in the series. Number 13, DANSE MACABRE is due in June.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, May 2006

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