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by Keri Arthur
Spectra, January 2006
304 pages
ISBN: 0553804588

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The fraternal twins Riley and Rhoan Jameson both work for the Directorate of Other Races, a government organization that not only polices the supernatural beings living amongst us, but also researches them. The Jameson twins are werewolves who were thrown out of their pack because their father was a vampire . . . no half-breeds wanted. So they depend on each other more than most twins.

One night, Riley comes home to find a handsome, naked vampire waiting for her at the door to the apartment she shares with Rhoann. He tells her his name is Quinn and he asks for Rhoan who is not home. Earlier in the evening, Riley had sensed that Rhoan was in trouble. She doesn't know the vamp waiting for her, and despite her rising libido, refuses to invite him into the flat. Quinn claims to be suffering from amnesia, but Riley doubts that.

It is the week before the full moon, during which time werewolves, even half werewolves, get really horny but Riley swallows her feelings and goes to bed alone. The next morning Quinn is still waiting for her outside the door. Riley relents and tells Quinn that Rhoann is missing.

She is frightened because several Directorate agents, or guardians as they are called, have gone missing. Jack, her vamp boss, Riley and Quinn discover that there is a company experimenting with cloning and Rhoan's disappearance may have something to do with that. The three of them investigate, with plenty of time out for Riley's rising lust to be satisfied by her lovers.

This Melbourne-based supernatural romantic suspense novel would have been better if Riley didn't spend most nights in someone's bed. We don't have to have the libido of a werewolf during the period of the waxing moon thrust at us so often. If you want real soft porn, read Laurell K Hamilton. If you want a sexy book, read Charlaine Harris. If you like romance novels, then read Keri Arthur, a much-awarded Australian romance writer. However, if she ratchets back the sex scenes in her next book, this could be a series to watch.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, April 2006

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