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by Kelley Armstrong
Spectra, April 2006
480 pages
ISBN: 0553588184

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Elena Michaels is the only known female werewolf. She has finally accepted her state and has settled down with her pack on the estate in upstate New York. Clayton Danvers, her lover, the father of her fetus, is the bodyguard to Jeremy Danvers, the pack alpha.

Xavier, a half demon who can teleport himself for short distances, wants to see Elena alone. After consultation with the pack, it is agreed that she meet with him to see what he wants, He wants Elena to steal the 'From Hell' letter, supposedly written by Jack the Ripper. It had been stolen from the archives of Scotland Yard and now resides in a library in Toronto.

In exchange, Xavier will give up the location of a 'mutt', a lone werewolf who doesn't belong to any pack, and who kills humans. He explains that the letter is under a spell and needs an animal to get it.

The information given by Xavier is found to be accurate and the pack takes care of the mutt. Then, in order to fulfill their part of the bargain, Clay, Elena et al go to Toronto to steal the letter. However, something goes wrong, A portal to Victorian England is opened and two zombies come through. Meanwhile the portal remains open and three people, over a span of days, disappear. The pack doesn't realize it but actually two zombies and another person have come through the portal.

After the portal has opened, a series of vicious murders takes place in Toronto, and they find a strange young man who is dressed in Victorian clothing who claims to be an accountant. He accidentally came through the portal with the zombies and would like to stay near the pack for safety. The pack has already killed the zombies, not realizing that they will regenerate until the one who holds them in thrall is killed also.

So the pack has at least two jobs: find the controller of the zombies and get the portal closed. Then they can return to the estate and Elena can give birth in safety.

The Women of the Otherworld consists of three books in the Elena Michaels series, BITTEN, STOLEN, and now BROKEN. They are all readable; STOLEN introduces all sorts of paranormal beings, but BROKEN is the strongest of the three. If you like a little woo-woo with your mystery, then BROKEN is for you.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, April 2006

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