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by Mario Acevedo
Rayo, March 2006
368 pages
ISBN: 0060833262

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Meet Felix Gomez, soldier, private investigator, vampire. Felix is a good man, er, vampire stuck in a bad situation. He has returned to the United States, a war hero in the eyes of many, with mystical vampire powers, the result of a permanent source of retribution. Felix feels he is responsible for the death of four innocents in Iraq. A vampire agrees and gives him the ultimate punishment, immortality.

Felix rolls with this perpetual sentence like any good man would. He becomes a private investigator and is quickly labeled a success. No one knows he's using his hypnotic abilities to get answers. That pesky vampire skin is covered in make-up; he tells clients he has a skin condition he picked up during the war. With copious layers of foundation, sunscreen and contacts, he fits in well, even during the day.

Felix is hired by an old friend from college, Gilbert Odin, to look into a breakout of nymphomania at Rocky Flats, a former nuclear facility now run by the Department of Energy. Gilbert works for the DOE and gets Felix clearance to be onsite to investigate the outbreak.

What seems like every man's dream is actually a nightmare. The women are unable to control themselves; they're having sex with every available male in sight. Marriages have broken up, families affected; the staff at Rocky Flats has gone all-male because the women can't be helped. Drug therapy doesn't seem to be working as well as it should be. Felix must discover the cause of the outbreak, and fast.

Meanwhile, Felix is dealing with all the niceties of being a visiting vampire in another state. He's making friends and influencing people, but the vampires have a problem of their own. Felix can't help but be drawn to the vampire world; his sense of justice and honor won't allow him to turn his back on his new-found friends.

NYMPHOS is well written, fun and light yet severe in the appropriate places. Felix is a vampire with a distinct sense of humor and endearing qualities. His search for redemption for his sins gives him a level of compassion lacking in some others of his species. Mario Acevedo has developed what should become a franchise character in his vampire PI. The title alone will get attention, and the writing backs it up. THE NYMPHOS OF ROCKY FLATS is an excellent debut, unique and worthy of a spot at all tables.

Reviewed by J. T. Ellison, April 2006

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