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by Cleo Coyle
Berkley, August 2005
256 pages
ISBN: 0425204456

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One could expect that trouble is not far around the corner with a title like LATTE TROUBLE. When one of coffee house owner Clare Cosi's most loyal customers creates an inspired collection of coffee-related accessories, the only place worth holding the launch is of course at the Village Blend. As the coffee house prepares itself for the launch Clare finds herself immersed in the rather glamorous world of fashion.

In a fun exploration of the New York fashion scene Clare finds herself involved in finding out who committed murder during a fashion party when one of her young baristas gets accused of the deed. This of course leads to a number of dark secrets coming out of the woodworks and further murders take place.

There are of course difficulties abounding as Clare tries to get to the bottom of what happened. With a mother-in-law that owns the business, an ex-husband who would love a reconciliation and an all-too-brief appearance of the handsome but unhappily married Detective Quinn and a discovery about her daughter; Clare certainly needs her wits about her if she is going to ensure that an innocent person does not go to prison.

LATTE TROUBLE is the third book in the Coffeehouse mystery series and it of course comes complete with recipes and coffee-making tips. Sadly, this was one of the few things that I found annoying and thought that the story could do without.

The book is one of those easy-going reads; quirky, fun, and light, this is a novel that is not too heavy on the brain cells and can easily be read in one sitting. Clare Cosi is a well-rounded woman with flaws, but she manages to juggle everything quite well but how she puts up with her rather egoistical ex-husband is rather beyond me.

The mystery itself was not too hard to work out and I certainly knew who did it well before I got to the end. LATTE TROUBLE is pure escapism and will certainly be enjoyed by those who like their novels undemanding, frothy and with a hint of caffeine to give them a jolt.

Reviewed by Ayo Onatade, March 2006

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