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by R. D. Wingfield
HarperCollins, July 2005
Abridged audiobook pages
ISBN: 0007209738

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Sometimes it can be a real treat for readers when their favorite series is turned into a movie or a television series. It can sometimes backfire, but often enough there are some good adaptations that stick to the spirit of the book such as RD Wingfield's popular series featuring Detective Inspector Jack Frost.

British actor David Jason has already given a face to this fictional detective and now as a special treat he gives his fans a little bit more. He gives a voice to all of the characters in this abridged audio version CD of Wingfield's NIGHT FROST. It proves to be a greater delight for fans and newcomers alike. If they are looking to be entertained, one needs not look any further.

In this chapter of the popular series, Detective Sergeant Frank Gilmore is starting his first day with Denton CID, but things are not going as he expected or planned. Close to half of the police force are out sick, leaving the police chief grasping at straws. There is a lot going on in town and not enough manpower to cover it all.

The only one who is available to show Gilmore the ropes is Detective Inspector Frost, a royal pain in the butt to all of his superiors. The only reason he is still working on the force is that he is someone who always manages to get the job done regardless of how many toes he has to step on. He has never had to apologize because he always brings results whether his bosses like it or not.

In this particular case he is forced to multitask as there are several things happening at once. There is a case involving poison pen letters that may have led to a murder and a suicide. Aside from that there has been an increase in assaults against the town's senior citizens. It is up to Frost to get Gilmore up to speed if he wants to have a future with this police force.

People familiar with Jason's portrayal of this irascible detective will not be disappointed. They will definitely be getting their money's worth. What they may be surprised at is the way that Jason portrays the other characters by giving them their own voice while being 'himself' as DI Frost. This audio version is an unqualified surprise that will entertain the most discerning critic. It was pure enjoyment.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, January 2006

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