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by Robert Dugoni
Warner Books, March 2006
448 pages
ISBN: 044657869X

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David Sloane is considered to be the best wrongful death attorney in San Francisco. He's a skilled speaker and can get juries to do anything, and so he wins all of his cases. But things aren't so wonderful in his personal life. He has no parents, wife, or children and is plagued by nightmares of a childhood he can't remember. The only thing he lives for is his job.

He soon receives a package from a White House confidant and personal friend of the President of the United States, the contents of which are shocking. Sloane doesn't remember meeting this person and wonders how he knows so much about Sloane's life. When the confidant turns up dead in West Virginia from an apparent suicide, Sloane's life takes a nasty turn when strange men make multiple attempts to kill him.

Sloane discovers that only two people can help him: Tom Molia, a detective who had the apparent suicide case taken away from him by the Justice Department and Charles Jenkins, an ex CIA agent who Sloane has no knowledge of ever meeting but the two men share the same nightmares. It's up to these three men to figure out a 30-year-old conspiracy that can turn the White House inside out, force the President to leave office, and possibly bring on even worse occurrences.

THE JURY MASTER is author Robert Dugoni's first novel and is filled with high tension and a sound but complicated story line. Packed with many characters, lots of shootings and murder, this book will easily fulfil any reader's need for adventure. We're taken into the global world of the oil companies and how the US tries to deal with Mexico and the Arab countries to obtain that profitable product.

I did have a few problems with the book, though. The title led me to expect a story about a lawyer dealing with a jury trial so I was a little disappointed when after the first chapter the tale went in a completely different direction. Two romance stories were unfortunately included and there was no need for either of them. If anything they took me away from the main thrust of the novel.

Otherwise, THE JURY MASTER is a fine book. Robert Dugoni's skilled writing will certainly tempt readers to get their hands on any other books he might write in the future. Don't miss THE JURY MASTER, it's a great first book.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, February 2005

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