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by R. D. Wingfield
HarperCollins, July 2005
Abridged audiobook pages
ISBN: 000720972X

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British actor David Jason is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Detective Inspector Jack Frost in a popular television series of movies called A TOUCH OF FROST. These movies are based on a series of best-selling novels written by RD Wingfield featuring Inspector Frost and the people he works for at the Denton police station.

In this abridged recording of HARD FROST David Jason once again lends his vocal talents to narrate one of the most disturbing novels of the series. If you are easily squeamish, consider yourself warned before listening to this recording. It is not gory but it contains some disturbing subject matter. That is all you need to know.

The Denton police force has its hands full, in fact a little bit more than usual, overwhelming the department. Detective Inspector Frost, who was originally called from holiday, is brought back to help the understaffed force and so that Chief Superintendent Mullet can stick it to him. Mullet hates Frost and will do everything he can to make Frost's life miserable, but with the circumstances in this book, he might have preferred to wait.

There has been a kidnapping leading to blackmail. There is also someone out there who is stabbing babies, some with fatal consequences. And then there is an unstable mother who just murdered her three children. The detectives on the case are shocked beyond belief and the story continues to take a pessimistic route. The police are over-stressed and overworked plus they are running against the clock. One can only hope that things get better but it is doubtful.

Listeners might get comfortable hearing David Jason do Frost once again and be able to visualize what is going on within the novel. Aside from doing the detective he also has to do the voices of the parents of the townspeople, some of which are going through the entire gamut of emotions after what happened to their children. If you are looking for a real pick-me-up this ain't it. It is a depressing story, but still a good one. Don't let this detract you from trying other Inspector Frost novels.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, February 2006

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