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by Catherine Aird
St Martin's Minotaur, August 2005
240 pages
ISBN: 0312342292

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Country club Berebury golf course is a nice place to play golf. The only problem is that 'Rabbits' (novice players) get in the way of the more advanced golfers. Helen Ewell and her friend Ursula Millwood are 'Rabbits' and know they are slow golfers so they allow some of the better players behind them to play through. This proves to be a good thing when Helen hits her ball into a sand trap on the sixth hole.

The friends are relieved that they don't have to rush since Helen is having a hard time getting her ball back on the green. She keeps trying to hit the ball, but she's mostly just digging a hole. As she digs herself in deeper, she suddenly uncovers a dead body! Not being a very calm person, Helen starts to scream and attracts the attention of Calleshire County Police Superintendent Leeyes who just happens to be playing golf that day.

Leeyes immediately calls in Detective Chief Inspector Sloan and his partner Constable Crosby to find out who the body is, how the body got there, and most importantly, who put the body in the sand trap. And Superintendent Leeyes wants all this solved as soon as possible.

The plot thickens as we learn that rival club members are trying to get the development rights to the land that surrounds the links. Is the murder somehow related to this?

HOLE IN ONE by Catherine Aird is a fun read filled with humor, slapstick, and great likeable characters. Detective Chief Inspector Sloan and Constable Crosby are a wonderful pair and play off each other beautifully. OK, true mystery lovers will find the way they do things highly questionable, and a bit improbable, but this series is not to be taken too seriously.

HOLE IN ONE is a great romp on the golf links on any day. Read it, enjoy it, and don't think too much about the plot and how everything is solved. Fans of this fun series will enjoy Sloan and Crosby's newest adventure. I know I did!

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, August 2005

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