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by Caroline Carver
Orion, September 2005
304 pages
ISBN: 0752871781

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Caroline Carver has written three previous adventure novels set in Australia and concerning journalist India Kane. This standalone thriller is set in the Alaskan wilderness and features the new characters of the McCall sisters, Abby and Lisa.

The story begins when Abby and her disabled mother receive news in England that Lisa has disappeared into the wilderness and has not been found after days of searching. Abby and Lisa have been estranged for years since a previous visit by Abby to Lake's Edge, Alaska.

Nevertheless, Abby immediately travels to Alaska to assist in the efforts to find Lisa. It soon becomes obvious that Lisa is in a dangerous situation and Abby finds that she is caught up in those troubles because of her relationship to Lisa. Abby has stubbornly held on to her grievances but she starts to bitterly regret their separation as she fears that she will be unable to tell her sister of her change of heart.

This is a well-written thriller which certainly makes you turn the pages faster and faster. Abby is initially ignorant of the reasons for the circling of enemies around Lisa and she cannot decide who she should trust to help her. Meanwhile Lisa is facing the raw terror of the freezing climate in her need to escape her pursuers.

The background to the story is magnificently delineated by Caroline Carver -- Alaskan conditions of lifelike snowstorms or melting ice seriously affect the development of the story. The life of the area is shown through Abby's eyes as people co-operate to find the lost girl and as she also finds herself alone in the wilderness.

Real characters people the tale -- the crusty trapper, Mad Malone, who smells of rancid animal skins rubs shoulders with a smooth entrepreneur, Michael Flint. A big grizzly bear and a husky dog have roles to play and transport comes in the form of sledges, small aeroplanes, and snowmobiles as well as cars. Abby faces the deadly dangers of the wilderness but the dangers represented by man prove far more life-threatening.

Reviewed by Jennifer S. Palmer, August 2005

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