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by Michael Robotham
Time Warner, May 2005
400 pages
ISBN: 0316725536

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LOST is Michael Robotham's second novel, in which he returns to his characters from THE SUSPECT. Professor Joe O'Loughlin, who narrowly avoided a murder charge in THE SUSPECT, is now one of DI Vincent Ruiz's friends.

When Ruiz is found nearly dead and suffering from amnesia, clinging to a buoy in the Thames after having been shot, O'Loughlin tries to help him get his memories back and find out what happened to Mickey Carlyle -- a girl who everyone believes is dead and for whose murder a man is now in prison.

As the introduction suggests, this is a dramatic turnaround in the relationship between Ruiz and O'Loughlin. Before, their relationship was adversarial and antagonistic, but Ruiz has come to see that the Professor, as he refers to him, is a good man.

We also see a change in Robotham's writing style in this novel. Previously, he employed a first person narrative, told from the point of view of the Professor. Now, the focus of the story, and therefore the narrative voice, comes to us from Ruiz. This enables us to learn much more about him and his past. He becomes a much more likeable character than he first appeared in THE SUSPECT, where he could have been seen as a bullying, domineering character.

LOST is another great tale from Robotham. Its intricacy comes through its various plot twists. Even as the denouement takes its course, Robotham is still able to throw in some surprises and the final truth behind the whole story is well-crafted enough to surprise even the most hardened of mystery readers.

Robotham demonstrates an excellent knowledge of police procedures and as before, his use of London as a setting is well chosen, as he clearly knows it well. LOST is an addictive novel. Though it may be a tired cliché, once you get into the novel, you will not wish to stop. LOST is dark and exciting, and you will want to read it in one sitting!

Reviewed by Luke Croll, April 2005

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