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by David Farland
Simon and Schuster, April 2004
429 pages
ISBN: 0684860627

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This is my first read of The Runelords series, and comparing it to other fantasy/science fiction series, it rates in the middle. THE LAIR OF BONES is the fourth and final book in the series, and brings an end to many stories brought forth in previous volumes.

Gaborn Val Orden, Averan, Iome, and Binnesman are traveling to find the lair of bones, the main site of the Reavers, a group of evil beings trying to destroy the planet. Meanwhile, other intrigues are taking place; Borenson and his wife, Myrrima, are taken prisoner, so that Borenson's will can be endowed to King Criomethes. In exchange, King Criomethes promises to let Myrima go, not knowing that she is to be killed, so no one can find out what happened. But Sarka Kaul, a Days, helps both Borenson and Myrrima to escape, thus becoming involved in the battle to save the earth.

In the Underworld, there are many sights and undertakings happening. Binnesman is felled by a Reaver, and Gaborn has to bury him underground. In doing so, Averan, a young child at this point, has to help defeat the Reavers, as she is the only who can communicate with them through telepathy. While traveling, Averan is kidnapped by The Consort of Shadows, one of the main Reavers who protects the One True Master. Thus, Averan is thrown into a prison with other humans who have been there for ages. Learning that her father had been one of the prisoners, Averan vows to use her power to defeat the One True Master.

Up on top, the town of Carris, the last stronghold left against the Reavers is being prepared for battle. On the outskirts, Raj Ahten and his troops are preparing to wait for Carris to be destroyed, before moving in to take charge and rule the land.

In other areas, Celinor and his wife, Erin Connal, find that King Anders is inhabited by a locus, an evil being that is eating away the good of people. Erin senses this, but Celinor refuses to believe her, thus when King Anders is nearly killed by Erin, everyone things she has gone mad. However, when Gaborn, after several trying battles underground threatens to imprison King Anders for the rest of his days, the locus flees, thus killing what remains of King Anders.

There is too much going on in this book to really get a full flavor. The author could have broken it down into one or two more volumes in order to help the reader grasp and understand what is going on with all the political factions. Also, since there was no prelude on what has gone on before, a reader first coming in with this book will find it hard to get into, and to untangle all the various threads that are woven into the story.

Reviewed by Steven Sill, January 2005

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