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by Kelley Armstrong
Plume, September 2004
480 pages
ISBN: 0452285933

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Elena Michaels, a 32-year-old Canadian journalist, is the only female werewolf in existence. She was made into a werewolf when her lover Clayton Danvers bit her, in order to keep her with him forever.

In Kelley Armstrong's world, werewolves are born, not made, and only males are born as werewolves. Most werewolves run in packs and are responsible people who try not to come to the attention of the normal public, but there are 'mutts -- those who live outside the pack mentality and can be dangerous to humans.

Elena answers an ad in a newspaper. She meets a young woman in front of a tea shop, who invites Michaels back to her hotel room. Paige Winterbourne's aunt Ruth joins them and they tell Elena a strange story about missing supernaturals. They also claim to be witches. Elena doesn't believe in witches, but when the Winterbournes save her from (mostly) human hunters, she is convinced.

Ty Winsloe, a dot.com billionaire, has set up a hidden laboratory in the Maine woods. He is trying to investigate the paranormals -- witches, vampires, sorcerers, shamans, werewolves -- in order to be able to sell their powers, thereby amassing even more money. One night, Elena goes for a run and is captured by Winsloe's hunters. She is then taken to the lab, where she meets the other subjects of study.

STOLEN is the second in the Women of the Otherworld series. It is much more entertaining than the first, BITTEN, which plodded along in spots. The various types of supernaturals are created as distinct races living within the human race, each with its own back story, some of which we get in STOLEN.

Unfortunately, Armstrong doesn't give instructions for the witch's cover spell of how the half-demon in the employ of Winsloe teleports himself. These might be useful skills to have in an emergency. It will be interesting to see if Armstrong keeps improving in her action/romance/supernatural series.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, December 2004

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