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by Chassie West
Harper Torch, October 2004
368 pages
ISBN: 0060548428

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In KILLER CHAMELEON, former Washington DC police office Leigh Ann Warren should be arranging her marriage to Duck. The wedding has already been postponed twice and there are the Christmas festivities to contend with as well. This time Warren is determined that nothing is going to stop the wedding. However, an issue that she cannot ignore is soon distracting her. Someone is using her identity and it is causing major problems.

Things deteriorate when Leigh Ann begins to receive harassing messages and it is clear that someone is stalking her. When the body of someone that both Leigh and Duck know turns up in the trunk of Leigh's car, she is determined to find her pursuer, so dons a cover and enlists the aid of her police allies to track her down.

Identity theft and stalking are not a recent problems, but they have become quite a topical issue of late what with the ease of access to personal information by all and sundry.

This is a very ingeniously fast-paced and plotted story where, if you are not careful, you might miss the red herrings that have been meticulously planted. It is well-written and action-packed with fully rounded characters that are a pleasure to spend time with. It is clear that Leigh Ann is quite self-sufficient, but what comes across is also the fact that she is the type of person who is not afraid to lean on others in times of need.

KILLER CHAMELEON also gives the reader an illuminating and fascinating insight into the lives of middle-class African Americans and their neighborhood including all it entails. The only thing that I would grumble about was the lengthy descriptions of houses and furnishings. I really was not interested at all and they were an unwanted distraction, which in my mind spoilt an otherwise captivating read. Nevertheless, do not let my small gripe dissuade you from reading this book. It will be interesting to see what is next for Leigh Ann and Duck.

Reviewed by Ayo Onatade, February 2005

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