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by Agatha Christie
HarperCollins, March 2004
Unabridged audiobook pages
ISBN: 0007170483

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Murder is easy. Getting away with it is also easy when no one even suspects you. In the English town of Wychwood some of it inhabitants have met with unfortunate . . . how should we say it . . . er . . . accidents. No one is any the wiser except for an old spinster named Miss Pinkerton who is sure that there is a serial killer loose in her village and she has a pretty good idea as to whom it is, but who is going to believe her?

She decides to take matters into her own hands and go to Scotland Yard with her suspicions but on her way there she meets one of those pesky 'accidents' and dies. A chance encounter with a complete stranger leads a retired police officer to perform an impromptu undercover investigation. He is just unprepared as to what he will find.

Hugh Fraser is the reader of the unabridged recording of Agatha Christie's MURDER IS EASY. Aside from performing all of the suspects in this novel with their own unique quirks and characteristics, Mr Fraser spends most of the time as Luke Fitzwilliam, the narrator of this story. Luke is in search of adventure and coming to the small town serves as a great antidote.

During the course of the investigation Luke will delve into each townsperson's personality until they become a suspect to him. The novel takes a satiric turn as each candidate is perfect for the numerous deaths going on in the town and he cannot make up his mind as to who might be responsible.

This novel is also one of Agatha Christie's novel that falls closer to a romance novel than any of her other mysteries. Luke falls for a young woman who cannot love him for reasons that will not be revealed with this review. The novel is vintage Agatha Christie with its twists and turns and red herrings galore. What makes it a bit different is the humor that Fraser brings to the story as he portrays some of the characters as pompous, arrogant, or devious. Each character is busy justifying their actions while trying to avoid what is happening right in front of them. The conclusion is a real surprise and very enjoyable. MURDER IS EASY is another winner and it should not be missed.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, April 2004

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