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by Andrew Klavan
Forge, August 2004
336 pages
ISBN: 076534694X

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Jim Bishop is a private investigator unlike any other. He is a manly macho man who rides a hog and has that bad boy image that women find irresistible. He is working undercover at a small private airport in rural northern California looking for signs of corruption inside a small freight airline. He will lie, cheat, steal, and sleep with any woman necessary in order to get information. He is unaware of the danger that he is about to face and it is more than he bargained for.

Is it being found out or discovered? Pah! . . . Puh-leeze. He could care less what other people think, he can take care of himself. He is good at what he does and he does not mind shoving it in your face. No, what he discovers is an insidious plot involving a brutal killer going to extremes to get his target. He will be requiring the needs of a pilot who does not ask questions. Bishop will be that pilot and he knows what's at stake. If he doesn't get help, he will be killed.

The only person who may be able to help him is his boss, a former police officer now heading his own investigative firm. Jim Bishop and Scott Weiss are as different as night and day, but when they work as a team they are unstoppable. In this debut novel for these two characters, they show that they mean business. Oh, what fun.

DYNAMITE ROAD is a slam-bang, action-packed book for men (and women too) who love to read books and could not give a damn about political correctness, symbolic imagery, character development, or stereotypes. Klavan manages to get your attention by showing the characters' vulnerable sides, making them interesting for books yet to come. The villains are evil and willing to take gargantuan risks. The author also gives an insight into the lives of these two men by using an unnamed young man working for Weiss. The character will learn from these two and have a good quip or two.

This work is terrific and you will enjoy every minute of it. This is the first book of a series, followed then by a new one called SHOTGUN ALLEY. Weiss and Bishop are pure dynamite.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, December 2004

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