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by Jeff Gelb and Lonn Friend (editors)
Pinnacle, May 2004
352 pages
ISBN: 0786016434

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HOT BLOOD is a compilation of new and classic fantasy fiction short stories that revolves around the erotic of sex, terror and horror -­ a fun combination!

Complied by Jeff Gelb and Lonn Friend as the first of the HOT BLOOD series, this book includes short stories by newer writers of the macabre and some of the masters of horror like Harlan Ellison, Robert Bloch and Theodore Sturgeon.

There's the classic story by Richard Matheson of the shy girl who is wiser than she seems, a story that was immortalized in the 1979 TV movie Trilogy of Terror; there are stories of denizens of the night, of creatures that use humans in their sexual reproductive lives; and there's an alternative lifestyle horror story by Ray Garton that could be used on TV by today's headline-based law shows, and that story is the most frightening of all.

First published in 1989, and thus a little timid by today's' standards, HOT BLOOD is a fun read for anyone who's been swept away by the under erotic tones of the classic horror stories -­ the people who find Dracula erotic, the ones who get a thrill of every type from dangerous creatures of the night.

A few stories seem to be a bit too concerned with men's preoccupation with their own organ: Robert McCammon's The Thang, J N Williamson's The Unkindest Cut, and Jeff Gelb's own Suzie Sucks. And I sensed a just under the surface fear of woman in other stories: Graham Masterton's The Changeling, Richard Matheson's The Likeness of Julie, and F Paul Wilson's Ménage A Trois, but they were all so well-written it didn't take away from the pleasure of the stories.

If you enjoy a bit of sensual spice with your Halloween treats, this anthology of horror stories deserves a spot on your bookshelf. I enjoyed this well-crafted, fast and enjoyable book and I intend to start looking for the others in this series.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, June 2004

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