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by Jack Dann, Ramsey Campbell and Dennis Etchison
HarperCollins, June 2004
560 pages
ISBN: 0732280680

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GATHERING THE BONES: NEW STORES FROM THE WORLD'S MASTERS OF HORROR is a broad-ranging anthology with stories by American, British and Australian authors. Each of the three editors of the book took stories by their favorite horror and fantasy writers from their homelands.

This anthology includes short stories by Ray Bradbury, Sara Douglas, Michael Marshall Smith, Cherry Wilder, Terry Dowling, Joel Lane and Lisa Tuttle. As with any good anthology, this book contains stories by both well-known authors and the less well known. This combination is vital to the industry. By combining big name authors with those less known, readers are exposed to authors whom they might never read but end up enjoying. Also by combining so many authors with different strengths and weakness, each of the 33 stories has something unique and distinctive about it.

Most modern anthologies tend to have a specific focus. For example, all of the stories in a book might focus on vampires, werewolves or some other supernatural elements. This book does not follow a single sub-genre. It contains stories that are realistic and others that involve the fringes of the supernatural. By including such a broad selection of topics and genres, the book does not get stale or boring. By the constant changes, a reader could read the book straight through without feeling as though the book was lacking.

Each of the editors, of this anthology, is a respected author in their own field. Ramsey Campbell is one of Britain's greatest horror writers and has won countless awards. Jack Dannhas has also won several awards in the field of fantasy. Dennis Etchinson is another fantasy writer who also writes in the sub-genre of psychological horror. By including their favorite authors in this anthology the editors demonstrate the masters and upcoming authors of the genre in addition to their own opinions and beliefs on where the genre is headed.

Reviewed by Sarah Dudley, September 2004

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