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by Donna Andrews
Berkley Prime Crime, December 2004
251 pages
ISBN: 0425198383

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Generally, when a review copy of a book arrives, I put it into a queue, based on several factors, one of which is publication date. Not this one. When it arrived, I moved it to the top of the pile, and I wasn't disappointed that I had done so,

In the third book in the Turing Hopper series (YOU'VE GOT MURDER, CLICK HERE FOR MURDER, ACCESS DENIED), Turing is monitoring the credit card activity of old nemesis, Nestor Garcia, who once cloned her and still has control of her 'little sister' T2.

Maude Graham is working two jobs, as is Turing. Mornings, Maude is at the Universal Library where the AIPs were developed to answer questions from the millions of users of the library. So far Turing is the only AIP to have developed the ability of independent thought. She consults with some of her fellow AIPs, such as Sigmund, the psychotherapy AIP, Auntie Em, the advice AIP, and especially KingFischer, the chess AIP. Turing thinks KingFischer might someday be able to reason and understand humans, although not yet. Afternoons, Maude is the PA to 'Alaina Turing' the reclusive CEO of Alan Grace. Turing herself, of course, can be in both places at once and process millions of bits of information at a time.

When Turing finds that Garcia's card has been used for the first time in six months, she and Maude call in Tim, now a PI and the only other person who knows Turing's true nature. They start working on what appears to be a credit card scam of some sort, in the hopes of finding Garcia, but instead, find it is a case of identity theft,

Will Turing every understand humans? Will Maude get together with FBI special agent Dan Norris? Will the PI from Miami, Claudia, move to Crystal City and partner with Tim? Will Turing find Garcia and her clone? Read ACCESS DENIED, and you may find out.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, November 2004

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