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by Lemony Snicket
Recorded Books, May 2001
Unabridged audiobook pages
ISBN: 1402537271

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The most unfortunate children on the planet must certainly be the Baudelaire Orphans, whose parents died in a house fire and who have since been pursued by Count Olaf, an evil man attempting to get control of the Baudelaire fortune in any way he can.

In this, the third misadventure, Mr Poe escorts Violet the inventor, Klaus the voracious reader and theoretician, and Sunny the infant prodigy, to the shore of Lake Lachrymose, home of a distant relative, 'Aunt' Josephine, who lives in a large house perched above the lake. Aunt Josephine appears to care for nothing except proper grammatical usage.

Josephine is a very fearful lady. The house is cold because Josephine is afraid of the furnace and radiators. She never cooks, but lives on cold cucumber soup because she is afraid of the stove. The doorknobs may carry disease, so, of course, one must never touch them. Lake Lachrymose is full of ravenous leeches, who will eat anyone who falls in, and it is in the path of the fast-approaching Hurricane Herman

For some reason, Josephine is completely taken in by Captain Sham, who is really Count Olaf, the villain of the series. Just as the hurricane hits Lake Lachrymose, the large picture window in Josephine's library shatters, and Josephine disappears. The children must escape before Count Olaf captures them or they will die as the hurricane sweeps the house off the cliffs. Can the children escape the villain once again? Children in the fourth through seventh grades will anxiously await their fate. This is a good book for a group read.

The author 'Lemony Snicket' reads this the third book in the series, in a suitable manner. Some of the other books in the series are read by Tim Curry. Rumor has it that Count Olaf will be played by Jim Carrey in the film to be made of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, March 2004

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