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by Sheryl J. Anderson
St Martin's Minotaur, May 2004
320 pages
ISBN: 0312319460

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Molly Forrester is the sex-relationship advice columnist for Zeitgeist magazine, and she simply must show her friend Cassady just how awful the lobby sculpture is -- never mind that it's practically the middle of the night. Molly doesn't turn the lights on, because she wants Cassady to get the full effect all at once, which is how Molly ruins her brand new Jimmy Choos shoes by stepping in the blood of one of her co-workers, Teddy Roberts, whose throat has been cut and the knife left in the wound.

Not a good way to end the night, for Molly, and especially not for Teddy. Teddy wasn't well liked, especially by those who worked for him (he went through assistants at a rate of three or four a year, which should tell the reader something about what a pleasant chap he wasn't), but it wasn't the kind of dislike anyone ever thought would turn into murder.

Detective Edwards, Homicide, is one of the policemen assigned to the case. " . . . he was breathtaking. Square jaw, tousled hair that got that way honestly and not because of 75 bucks worth of product, and amazing blue eyes." His partner, Detective Lipscomb, pales in comparison and spends most of the rest of KILLER HEELS playing 'bad cop'. Molly and Detective Edwards, as one might surmise, have a love-hate relationship for the next several hundred pages. I thought the ending was very good, at least in terms of where these two are and where the relationship might or might not be heading.

Molly is convinced that Teddy's wife Helen did not kill him, although she certainly had reasons enough. Teddy was unfaithful with a supermodel, and with his boss, Yvonne. Molly is convinced Yvonne is the k

Even when some possible financial problems surface, which might involve Yvonne and/or Teddy, neither really changes their mind. Only when Yvonne is killed does Molly really start to consider other possibilities. Detective Edwards sees no reason that Helen couldn't/wouldn't kill Yvonne, since she was Teddy's mistress.

Molly, with the help of her two best friends Cassady and Tricia, gets a freelance deal with a major magazine for an article about how the facets of our personality which we present to the world affect how we are perceived, and what effect (if any) that had on Teddy and why he was murdered. So she has a legitimate reason to investigate the murder.

This was a pleasurable read, with some caveats. I put KILLER HEELS down for about a day and a half, and had to back-track through several chapters to figure out who everybody was. Not being a fashion maven, I also had to do some searching on the WWW to see what the big deal was about the Jimmy Choos shoes. Once I had that down, I didn't figure I needed to do the same thing for all the other big-name fashions which were mentioned throughout the book. I thought the killer was fairly obvious relatively early in the book, and that both Molly and Detective Edwards were very short-sighted not to have even looked in that direction.

Still and all, I thought this was a nice light read, suitable for taking on vacation or to the airport. Nothing I'll keep forever, but I'd certainly read other mysteries by this author, should I get the chance and be in the mood for some 'Sex and the City' with murder.

Reviewed by P. J. Coldren, May 2004

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