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by Agatha Christie
Audio Renaissance, August 2003
Abridged audiobook pages
ISBN: 1559279079

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A group of British rich young things are guests for an idle weekend at Chimney's, stately manor home of Lord Brent and his lively daughter, Lady Eileen Brent, better known as Bundle for her bundle of energetic curiosity.

One of the pals in this ne'er-do-well group of late sleepers is so impossible to wake on time for their outings that the others decide to buy not one alarm clock for Gerry Wade, but eight of them to go off in his room all at once. When this silly plot fails, they gang up on him in his bedroom and find him stone dead. As Bundle and her friends are stunned into silence, they notice the alarm clocks have been lined up in a row all along the mantelpiece.

The handsome, take-charge member of their group, Jimmie Thesiger, announces his intention to investigate their friend's demise after they've notified the police. Superintendent Battle goes along with this scheme because he knows that young persons may well go where a policeman would be suspect. He also knows that Bundle has connections as well as the energy to ferret out the truth. He will try to keep an eye on her for safety, although she has the aid of the dashing Jimmie.

Bundle and Jimmie return to start their sleuthing at the scene of the crime, Gerry's bedroom. They notice that one clock is missing, as only seven remain on the mantelpiece. They figure out this to be a clue and remember the Seven Dials Club in London, a seamy nightclub frequented by Gerry Wade.

Bundle bribes the doorman to let her in during the day to hide in a closet to watch the night action in one of the rooms. This seemingly dangerous idea brings results. Through the keyhole, she sees a solemn meeting of a strangely masked secret society involving several foreigners as their voices reveal. Each person's mask has the image of a clock face, and Bundle soon knows that Gerry was mixed up in something sinister. Jimmie Thesiger brings Gerry Wade's sister into the picture and soon three young things are hunting down vicious criminals putting all their lives are at risk.

This abridged audio book is read by Britain's Jenny Funnell who manages enough voice changes for each character to make the narration interesting and lively. She even does a good American voice. This audio arrangement of one of Agatha Christie's best novels would lighten a workday commute, or pass the time pleasantly doing the housework or laboring in one's workshop.

Reviewed by Tess Allegra, March 2004

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