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by Jonathon King
Onyx Books, April 2004
288 pages
ISBN: 0451411358

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Max Freeman was shot when he worked as a Philadelphia police officer. Disillusioned with the job, he decided to leave and move to sunny Florida where his friend and lawyer Billy Manchester helped him buy an old shack in the Everglades. Max has lived there ever since, pretty much keeping to himself and hiding from human contact.

Every so often Max leaves his hideaway and spends some time at Billy's apartment, his one constant outside contact. Some of Billy's elderly female clients have been dying and Billy is very suspicious. Each woman had bought an insurance policy when they first moved to Florida decades earlier. Each had recently sold their policies for income and each woman was African-American, living in a very poor section of town.

Something about this is bothering Billy and he has done what he can to try to figure out why the women were murdered, but has only been able to go so far. He hopes that Max, with his policeman's background, can help.

Now after Billy calls and asks for his help, Max can't help but come to his friend's aid because, lately, Max has started to miss the action of being a police officer and he especially misses a certain lady cop. So Max agrees to help Billy out.

The women all appeared to have died from natural causes, they were all certainly old enough for that, but as Max starts his investigation he discovers that the women were murdered. But by who, and most importantly, why?

A VISIBLE DARKNESS, Jonathon King's second in the Max Freeman series, takes the readers back to the hot Florida sun and into its seamier side where Max has to prove that he can be trusted in the African-American section of the city.

This story brings back some wonderful characters from the first book in the series and takes us closer into the relationship that Max has with his girlfriend. The book also delves more deeply into Max's former days as a Philadelphia police officer; it answers some of the reader's questions about his parents and other facets of his life that ultimately made him move to Florida.

Like the first novel in the series, A VISIBLE DARKNESS is a solid and enjoyable story filled with a lot of police work, action, and great characters. I highly recommend it to those who like an excellently-crafted mystery with some startling twists along the way.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, April 2004

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