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by Stuart Archer Cohen
Orion, December 2003
320 pages
ISBN: 0752859897

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Comisario Miguel Fortunato has been assigned to investigate the death of Robert Waterbury. Waterbury was a United States citizen murdered during a vacation in Buenos Aires. While the police have not closed the case, everyone knows who the murderer was - Fortunato himself!

The United States is sending a liaison to work with the Buenos Aires police in the hopes of solving this crime. Arthena Fowler is a human rights scholar rather than an embassy member or police officer; however, she is ready to find a killer.

The Buenos Aires police take this as a sign that the United States does not believe the case will be solved, but is merely going through the motions. Fowler truly wants to hunt down a murderer and puts herself into dangerous situations to find him. Fortunato is also interested in this case because he would like to find out why Waterbury was to be killed. Although they have different motivations, Fowler and Fortunato will team up and search for answers even though they might forfeit their own lives in the process.

STONE ANGELS is an incredibly powerful book. Fortunato is the murderer; yet, he is not the bad guy of the book. The corruption that controls the police is truly the enemy of all. While Fortunato is not interested in being a corrupt police officer or making a lot of money, it is the only way in which to survive in the department. Somehow by finding the reasons behind this murder, Fortunato will be able to find redemption for himself.

STONE ANGELS demonstrates the old-fashioned nature of the police department. While any system has flaws that allow both the guilty and the innocent to slip through the cracks, Buenos Aires' system is dated. Reading Cohen's descriptions of the department is like reading about early police forces in the United States. This department could have existed in the 1800s in almost any big city in the States. In a world such as this, it is hard to imagine any crime being solved.

STONE ANGELS is Stuart Archer Cohen's second book. I, for one, cannot wait to see where he goes next.

Reviewed by Sarah Dudley, March 2004

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