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by Deborah Grabien
St Martin's Minotaur, December 2003
192 pages
ISBN: 0312314221

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THE WEAVER AND THE FACTORY MAID is a charming diversion of a legend from an old English ballad. Ringhan Laine works as an expert in restoration of period architecture and as musician. When one of his clients cannot pay for the work Ringhan has spent months completing, the client, Albert Wychsale, compensates him by giving him an 18th-century cottage with an ancient tithe barn complete with ghosts inhabiting both.

What is very interesting throughout this novel is the mixing of the present events with the historical legend of the two forbidden lovers who were murdered. At the beginning of each chapter is a section of the lyrical song which aligns with the historical research of the legend.

I felt as if I needed to hear the ballad sung while I was reading this novel. Shouldn't an attached musical CD then be with the book?

This is the first of a series of books based upon English ballads planned to be written by Deborah Grabien. It is fast-paced and a delightfully fun book to read. The ghosts are not horrifying, but are realistic for ghosts, that is.

This is the fifth book published by Deborah Grabien. She has lived in Europe, but now spends her time in San Francisco while running a catering service.

Reviewed by Teri Davis, December 2003

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