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by James Patterson
TimeWarner Audio Books, June 2003
Unabridge Audio pages
ISBN: 1586215000

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Dr. Frannie O'Neill and Special agent Thomas "Kit" Brennan are seeking custody of six special children they met and saved in 1998’s WHEN THE WIND BLOWS. Maxima, Matthew, Ozymandias, Icarus, Peter and Wendy escaped an evil institution known as The School where they were subjected to genetic experimentation. Their DNA was combined with avian genetic material creating a perfect bird/human hybrid. With the assistance of Frannie and Kit, the children escaped and permanently close The School down. The children want to stay with their savior, but the legal system is running against them. There is a new evil awaiting the children known as The Hospital. Could it get any worse?

Sometimes one does not know when to leave things alone. James Patterson writes an unnecessary sequel in order to please his fans, but does not give us anything to whet our appetites. THE LAKE HOUSE is a bland story that relies heavily on pulling the heartstrings of readers in order to disguise what is essentially a bad novel. It relies heavily on the feelings between Frannie and the children as well as the innocence the children portray to the rest of the world.

The evil mastermind is an amalgam of cliché comic book villains who has watched too many episodes of THE X-FILES. There is no explanation as to the why of his evil plans, why he wants the children or anything of value including his real identity. Adding insult to injury, the unabridged audio recording hopes that going all out will make this story better. Hope Davis and Stephen Lang do an awesome job in their performance. Why add a cheesy soundtrack with spooky music when it comes to evil and flighty woodwinds for everything else.

It just does not work. The actors' talents are wasted. Readers will get to decide on their own.

Reviewed by Angel L. Soto, November 2003

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